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our much loved Westie, so hard to have to say goodbye. The most loving, loyal, gentle soul. We are left with a hole in our heart for you to snuggle in and stay with us always. How lucky we are to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
Chloe & Bitsey

We miss you both very very much and will do so always. JJLE

I love you whiskey my heart is broken died 30/12/17 I'm missing you so much. Had you 18 years. You will always be my baby girl. Gone but never forgotten xxxx love you whiskey bum xxxx

Much loved and missing you terribly. You will always be my baby girl. I love you whiskey bum xxxx

I miss you so much. You were only with us for 2 1/2 years, but you packed so much into your short life. We still laugh about your crazy antics. We'll love you forever, Max and Stevie xx

Miss you so much diz doz daisy doo. We will love you forever. Mummy, daddy and uncle Chris.

Our beautiful girl, left us November 2015. Called Popsicle by Laura and 'bonny wee lassie' by Gordon. Much missed.

Taken away too soon. The most beautiful, loving girl. Younwill always be in our hearts and thoughts x x x

101 years a cat. 21 years a friend. The sofa is not the same without you. Rest in peace. Jill,Paul & Stacey x

We will love and miss you always, our beloved little Sprocker. You were our absolute world and we wish you were still with us-stealing tea towels and giving us your lovely cuddles. RIP our beautiful Anya. Xxxx RIP my baby girl

17 years with my best little friend. I will cherish the memories and happy times. xxx

We rescued you from the council pound in 2001, thin and terrified of everyone and everything, unclaimed and due to be put to sleep. We had an amazing 12 years with you and you turned out to be an amazing dog who taught us such a lot. Massive thanks to Gordon, Margaret and everyone at Palmer and Duncan for taking amazing care of him during his time with us.

my sweet loving cheeky little kitten you had a very short life but helped so many people feel better you left a lot of love

thanks for all the love and fun you gave the only cat i've met that took up all a double bed you were so special Maus became the only cats for me
Tank the cat

Had to be put to sleep on my birthday in 2012 after 22 years as our dear friend. We still miss our little old lady and so does our tom cat Bezum. Special thanks to Laura and Margaret who cared for her right through to the end.

It has been 3 years and we still miss you, you were a valued member of the family and gave us so much joy and happiness. The house isn't the same without you x x x

We miss you and you haven't been forgotten. Love you xxx

It's been a whole year since you went to heaven, and we still miss you Jasper, but we laugh a lot about your crazy little ways xxxxxx
Fred the Cat

We miss you Fred. Mum & Dad
Kipper the dog

Hope your still chasing the cats out of the house in heaven.
James II

You were the best cat in the world. Miss you and your funny ways. William and Mary

You were taken far to soon little man.

How short a life, how big a heart. Missing walks with you. T and R
Paul the Pet

Goodbye paul
Sue Small

Was lovely

We will never forget u!!! We love u!!!

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